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  • There are different types of vein treatment options that are all minimally invasive and can be done on a walk in and walk out basis.

  • In this video, I discuss how varicose veins occur, the contributing factors and treatment options available at The Vein Clinic.

  • Will Vein Treatment Hurt?

  • Are varicose veins genetic?

  • Preventing varicose veins – is it possible?

  • Varicose veins: What are the health risks?

  • Vein stripping: Why is it a treatment option of the past?

  • Tips for healthy veins: Why walking is important

  • Can I go straight into exercise after treatment?

  • Will I need time off work?

  • Injections for vein treatment – will it work?

  • How much does vein treatment cost?

  • Do I need to go to hospital for vein treatment?

  • How effective is vein treatment?

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