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Dr Luke Matar

Dr Luke Matar

Doctor Luke Matar Varicose Vein Vascular Specialist Perth

Perth’s Leading Varicose Vein Specialist

The Vein Clinic is headed up by Dr Luke Matar, a dual-qualified fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists and Australasian College of Phlebologists. He has over 15 years experience in diagnostic ultrasound and procedural ultrasound and is one of the most highly trained endovenous laser specialists in the country.

About Dr Luke Matar

Varicose veins have been a personal problem for Dr Matar, his father and sisters. As a personal sufferer of varicose veins, Dr Matar understands the negative impact the symptoms can have on your life. His personal journey as a patient has lead to a deep commitment to providing excellence in non-surgical vein treatments. His philosophy is to offer “world class” treatments to the people of Perth so that they may avoid the disabling consequences of venous insufficiency that leads to varicose veins and have access to the most effective treatments with the least downtime.

My Approach as a Doctor For Varicose Veins

I have a simple philosophy; I offer patients the best treatments possible, which I would choose for my family, friends or myself. My goal is to offer optimal treatments with the least possible discomfort and downtime.

In order to achieve this aim, I regularly liaise with experts in the field, both interstate and overseas. I frequently travel to learn new techniques, and constantly review and update my procedures to ensure patients are receiving the very best care available.

I take pride in offering my patients “world class” minimally invasive treatments.

Dr Luke Matar

Why Choose Dr Matar as Your Varicose Vein Specialist

Highly Specialised And Innovative Techniques

With over 20 years’ experience of vascular radiology expertise, Dr Matar brings a wealth of knowledge to every procedure he performs. He is constantly revising and updating the techniques he uses to ensure that his patients are receiving the highest quality care available.

Some of his innovative developments include:

  • Introducing single use radial fibres for laser treatment for varicose veins which increase patient comfort and facilitate faster recovery.
  • Perforator vein ablation which replaces the need for surgical ligation of perforator veins.
  • Nitrogen-free foam sclerotherapy to improve patient safety and reduce side effects.
  • Pioneering the advanced technique of ambulatory phlebectomy done under ultrasound-guidance to ensure the most accurate and technically advanced vein removal.

Unsurpassed Training

Dr Matar has been fortunate to train with the best vein doctors not only in Australia but in the world and pre COVID regularly travelled interstate and overseas to share insights and learn from leaders in his field.

His specialised training in Phlebology commenced in 2011 with the world-renowned UK-based EVLA expert Professor Mark Whiteley (inventor of laser perforator vein ablation).

Over the next few years he then went on to train with numerous other internationally recognised vein experts including Professor Kurosh Parsi (NSW), Professor Ken Myers (Vic), Dr Mark Malouf (NSW), Dr Andrew Stirling (Tas), Dr Loius Loizou (Vic), Dr Chris Lekich (Qld), Dr Chris Ragg (Berlin) Dr David West (UK) and Dr Ron Bush (USA).

What makes Dr Luke Matar the best varicose vein doctor, is not only his exceptional training and commitment to excellence but his personal perspective as a patient and member of a family affected by venous disease. He has undergone laser treatment on two occasions, as well as phlebectomy and foam sclerotherapy. The unique insight gained from the other side of the treatment table led him to refine and pioneer a number of advanced treatments including UGFP (ultrasound-guided foam phlebectomy).

His commitment is to give patients the best medical care possible to ensure results are as good if not better than that can be achieved anywhere in the world. To this end he is always refining and reviewing his treatments in light of new research and insights he gains treating patients and speaking with colleagues and mentors.

He is undertaking research into the neglected and overlooked association between restless legs and varicose veins, he has spoken at national and international conferences and is a regular contributor to Medical Forum magazine where he tries to educate other medical professionals as to the importance of venous disease and the modern treatments that can now be offered to alleviate suffering.

In addition to this, he regularly attends national and international conferences and liaises with leading international “opinion leaders”; he recently presented 5 original papers and was invited as a speaker on the topic of “Innovations in Vein Treatment” at the 2018 UIP meeting in Melbourne.

Latest And Most Advanced Technology

At the Vein Clinic, Dr Matar only utilises top of the range equipment and consumables.

The use of outdated equipment can reduce the effectiveness of varicose vein treatments and increase the risk of complications. For example, laser equipment that is more than 5 years old may be using lower frequency (<1470nm) laser associated with a more painful recovery. Older and cheaper “bare fibres” are also associated with more painful recovery than modern single-use “radial fibres”.

Another example that separates Dr Luke Matar from other varicose veins specialists, is the use of “nitrogen-free foam” mixed with pure oxygen or carbon-dioxide gas, which greatly reduces the risk of complications with foam sclerotherapy. Nearly all other vein clinics use room air to produce the foam. The nitrogen in the air, however, does not dissolve very well in the blood and in some people (particularly those with a history of migraines), may pass through a small hole in the heart directly to the brain and in the worst-case scenario can cause stroke.

Commitment to Excellence

Dr Matar is passionate about delivering the highest quality care available and achieves this aim by meticulous attention to detail in ultrasound assessment and ultrasound-guided treatments.

Unlike other varicose veins specialists that rely on sonographers for the diagnosis, Dr Matar always scans patients himself

Dr Matar’s Research on Restless Legs

At present, Dr Luke Matar is performing ongoing research into Restless Leg Syndrome and looks forward to contributing to the scientific literature and furthering the recognition of the importance of venous disease as a cause of RLS in the medical and wider community.

A Personal Story – From Our Director Dr Luke Matar

My strong interest in treating varicose veins is very personal. As many of you will know, varicose veins tend to be hereditary. If both parents have varicose veins, there is an almost 90% chance you will also have them.

I was acutely aware of the potential consequences of untreated venous disease simply by looking at my father’s legs. These pictures taken in Jan 2014 show the consequences of long-term untreated venous disease (AKA venous incompetence, reflux, or dysfunction) and associated varicose veins.

My father suffered his whole adult life with itchy, uncomfortable, and painful legs. He had recurrent episodes of superficial thrombosis, venous ulceration, and avoided air travel for the last 30 years as it greatly exacerbated his symptoms. His legs became progressively stained, pigmented, and indurated as time went on.

The reason my father (an intelligent medical specialist) did not proceed with surgical stripping treatment (all that was available at the time) was because he believed “the treatment is worse than the disease”. He had seen and assisted in the old- fashioned stripping of veins, something he referred to as a “medieval operation” and did not want to undergo the surgery or associated long recovery. Like many men, he decided he would rather “soldier on” than get treatment. When I look back on the treatments available to him, I can understand his decision!

In my 30s I too started developing all the symptoms my father had at this age. In my 40s the disease progressed, and my legs were frequently itchy, uncomfortable, and restless. When I consulted a vascular surgeon for help, I was told “they’re not bad enough to worry about, come back and see us in another 10 years!” This is when I decided there had to be a better way.

My research led me to discover that endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) was the most modern and effective treatment available. I sought the help of recognised world expert Dr Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic in the UK who had introduced the EVLA technique to England, to be my mentor. I was so impressed with Mark that after training with him, I had him personally treat my own veins.

Since this time, I have been travelling extensively interstate and overseas to learn further advanced techniques from other international and national experts in the field of phlebology (vein medicine).

The modern treatment of varicose veins is founded on a solid understanding of venous ultrasound and technical skill in performing ultrasound-guided procedures. As a specialist Radiologist with over 20 years’ experience in diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound-guided procedures, along with a personal interest in the field, the transition to endovenous treatment of varicose veins has been a natural one for me.

I am committed to providing the most effective and minimally invasive therapies to patients so that they may avoid the disabling consequences of venous incompetence and varicose veins that my father suffered.

I am excited to be able to offer these world-class treatments to my patients in a purpose-built clinic that is focused on optimal outcomes and maximal patient comfort. Patients no longer need to fear the consequences of surgical treatment or untreated venous reflux.

Unfortunately, my father was too late to benefit from the remarkable technological advances in vein treatment that I am now able to offer but I hope to spare many patients the discomfort and suffering of this disease that is often overlooked and misunderstood by the public and medical professionals alike.

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