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What are the different types of vein treatment?

What are the different types of vein treatment?

Vein surgery or non-surgical treatments? There are a number of different leg vein treatments available.

Types of vein treatment: surgery or not?

Varicose vein surgery or non-surgical treatments?

There are a number of types of vein treatment and one of the first considerations your doctor will make, is whether you are a candidate for vein surgery, or for a non-surgical treatment.

Dr Matar will first perform an ultrasound and clinical assessment, and give you a detailed diagnosis. The latest minimally invasive procedures in most cases allow for a better patient experience and outcome compared to traditional vein stripping surgery.

Minimally invasive types of vein treatment

Endovenous laser ablation procedure veins perth

As an alternative to vein surgery, you can now choose non-surgical vein treatment options. All treatments are based on the latest research, and these minimally invasive options are now recognised as the new gold standard. The international community of vein experts agrees that they are safe and reliable alternatives to vein surgery.

This is the overview:

Laser for veins: Also called EVLA (Endovenous Laser Ablation). This technique uses a laser fibre in an affected vein that has become incompetent. Heat energy emitted from the laser fibre destroys the lining and wall of the vein and over time the body resorbs the destroyed vein effectively removing the treated vein from the circulation without the need for surgery.

Standard Sclerotherapy: With this vein treatment option, we inject a liquid sclerosant into the vein. The liquid causes the cells lining the vein wall to die. The vein walls become “sticky” and adhere to each other, causing closure of the vein over a period of weeks.

Foam Sclerotherapy: Foam is now used instead of a liquid for larger veins > 2mm. This improves the contact with the vein wall, and it improves the treatment outcomes.

Ambulatory phlebectomy: This surgical but minimally invasive option performed under local anaesthetic is often combined with one of the other, non-surgical treatments. Again, this is about creating the best possible outcomes and results.

How do I make a choice?

Before you choose your treatment for varicose veins, Dr Matar will give you a detailed diagnosis. Depending on the underlying venous reflux problems, and on the condition of your varicose veins, we will explain your options and our specific recommendations. We offer highly tailored advice based on your individual vein problem, personal preferences and desired outcomes. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach.

Based on our experience, the latest research and visual information on general outcomes, we will assist you to make a well informed choice. If you have been in doubt about vein surgery or non-surgical treatment options, contact the clinic today to book an appointment.