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Don’t Be Fooled By Winter!

Now that the weather is colder, you may find your veins are less of a problem than usual…

Cold weather constricts the veins and can make you feel “less symptomatic” – ie. the bothersome ache, pain, itch, heaviness, or tiredness in your legs could be less of an issue, or perhaps go away entirely.

Wearing more layers and long pants, trackies, jeans, etc. can also have the “out of sight, out of mind” effect, where you’re not constantly seeing your veins and being disturbed by their visual appearance. The opposite of summer, where beach days and the required shorts and skirts can make the appearance of your legs sit at the very forefront of your mind!

Don’t be fooled by winter! Your venous disease is still present, and when the warmer weather rolls back around, your veins will dilate, symptoms will reappear, and the daily frustrations you experience will once again require your attention.

Winter is the perfect time to seek treatment for your veins. The cooler weather makes wearing compression stockings much more tolerable, and they can be easily hidden under long pants. No need to factor them in to your weekend outfits..!

Avoid the “summer rush” that happens when the weather gets hotter, symptoms resurface, and we are overwhelmed with patients wanting urgent treatment before their first trip to the beach. Book your treatment today and get ahead of the crowd – by the time summer comes around, you’ll be fully recovered, out of your stockings, and able to jump in to the fun straight away.

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