Why Choose Us

We are a specialist medical clinic

  • Dr Matar is a specialist in Radiology and Phlebology (vein medicine).
  • We offer comprehensive in house assessments (especially helpful for country patients). Where possible we will try and perform your scan on a day when our vein specialist Dr. Matar is onsite to double check the sonographer’s findings and tailor the most effective treatment plan for you. Experience has taught us that outside scans often do not contain all the information to optimise your treatment plan. We find patients appreciate this thorough approach and the convenience of having everything assessed and confirmed on the same visit. Our country patients such as those from the South West (i.e. Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River Albany, Esperance etc.) and other remote locations (Pilbara, Broome, Port Hedland, Kalgoorlie etc.) find this most helpful to have this service and continuity of care.
  • We take time to make sure you understand your vein condition and the treatment options. Having been a vein patient himself Dr Matar is acutely aware of the concerns that patients have and is able to offer a truly empathic approach to his patients. Patients who have come to us for a second opinion usually comment that they appreciate the time we take to explain things in a manner they understand rather than feeling rushed and simply “ a number”.

We specialise in veins (not Arteries)

  • Our practice is 100% vein related.
  • We are devoted and focused on assessing and treating veins with the least discomfort and downtime.
  • Vascular surgeons are experts in treating arteries which generally makes up > 80% of their practice. In the public system veins are a very low priority and surgeons receive very little training in the treatment of veins and almost no training in non surgical treatments such as ultrasound guided sclerotherapy or endovenous laser.

“World Class” Laser Treatment

  • Cutting Edge Technology
    • We use latest generation laser equipment for improved patient comfort and faster recovery.
    • * 1470 nm Laser generator – Less pain and bruising than older lower frequency systems in use elsewhere
    • * Single use laser fibres – all our fibres are sterile single use fibres. To save money some clinics reuse the same laser fibres on multiple patients !
    • * Specialised fibre design – we use “never touch” or radial fibres to reduce pain and bruising, these fibres can be 3-4 times more expensive than the “bare fibres” our competitors use but our philosophy is treat patients the way would want to be treated.
  • Advanced Techniques

    Dr Matar is the only doctor in Australia to have been trained in perforator ablation by the inventor of the technique Professor Mark Whiteley.

    • Our goal is to treat all abnormal veins to limit your chances of recurrent disease. In addition to treating the great and small saphenous veins we can treat other abnormal veins with laser such as :
      1. Perforator veins
      2. Accessory saphenous veins
      3. Thigh extension veins
      4. Straight tributary veins
    • Rarely will other clinics have the equipment or skills to treat anything other than the great or small saphenous veins.

We specialise in venous ultrasound

  • Accurate management of venous problems requires a detailed ultrasound assessment of your veins.
  • Beware of clinics offering treatments without an detailed ultrasound by an appropriately trained specialist.
  • All of our scans are done by a specialist Radiologist (medical imaging doctor) or vascular sonographer (ultrasound specialist).
  • We are a fully accredited medical imaging practice for the provision of ultrasound services.

We invest in state of the art equipment

  • We use modern ultrasound equipment for improved diagnosis.
  • We use latest generation laser equipment for improved patient comfort and faster recovery.

We invest in education

  • Dr Matar travels regularly interstate and overseas to learn about the latest advances in vein treatments. He has developed a broad network of national and international “vein experts” that he can consult with in difficult and unusual cases.
  • Dr Matar has trained with and been treated by Professor Mark Whiteley one of the world’s leading vein experts (featured on “embarrassing bodies” 6 Aug 2014).

We are a purpose built modern clinic

  • We are a comfortable and modern professional specialist medical clinic constructed to a high standard and situated in a high quality retail precinct.

Conveniently located

  • We are centrally located directly opposite the Subiaco train station.
  • Bus, train and taxi services are co-located in immediate proximity.
  • We are only three train stops from Perth city.
  • Free 90 minute Undercover parking is only 200m away beneath Woolworths.
  • We are within walking distance to Medicare off Hay Street Subiaco.

Continuity of care

  • All of our patients are personally assessed, treated and followed up by Dr Matar our vein specialist.
  • You will not be assessed by a nurse or treated by a non-specialist doctor.

We see both sides of the equation

  • Dr. Matar has himself personal and family experience with venous disease and has undergone the treatments he offers.

Walk in walk out treatments

  • All of our treatments are provided on site in Subiaco in our dedicated treatment room, no hospital admission or overnight stay is required.

No downtime

  • Patients are often able to return to work immediately following treatment if they so wish.

No general anaesthetic

  • By avoiding a GA we offer a safer alternative to traditional surgery, with much reduced risk of DVT, death etc.

No anaesthetist fees

  • No extra fees for anaesthetists are involved.

No ripping or stripping

  • Forget the horror stories you have heard of surgical vein removal! Your veins are not violently removed but gently ablated (closed) “in situ” (where they sit).
  • No cuts or stiches are required.

Proven durable results

  • The treatments we offer are endorsed by leading international organisations and specialists for reasons of Improved patient comfort, safety, faster recovery and much greater long term success.

Non surgical treatment

  • Surgical stripping is no longer advocated as 1st line treatment for varicose veins.
  • Endovenous laser ablation and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy are the 1st and 2nd line treatments that require skill with ultrasound diagnosis and procedures.
  • These are skills that Dr. Matar has developed over the last 15 years and are a totally different skill set to those of a surgeon.

Combination therapy

  • We are not a “one trick pony” we do not rely on one method (i.e. surgery or sclerotherapy) but use a combination of techniques to give you the best results.

Flexible treatment hours

  • On request we can accommodate after hours (evening and Saturday morning) treatments (additional costs may apply).

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