Walk proud again

Don’t hide away next summer due to embarrassment about how you leg veins appear.

Unsightly veins are an increasing problem with increasing age but there are effective treatments to ablate these veins and give your legs a more youthful look.

The cosmetic fraternity have a wonderful saying something along the lines of “aging is inevitable, looking old is optional”.

Whilst the effects of “botox” may only last 3-4mths, once the main refluxing veins have been treated there is little chance of recurrence.

Small spider veins may be difficult to eradicate completely but a substantial improvement in appearances is annual review is recommended to keep your legs looking their best.

The Vein Clinic will not treat surface veins in isolation without excluding a deeper venous cause of abnormal surface veins.

Often “feeder” veins can be identified that when treated will greatly improve the appearance of the surface veins. The use of high frequency ultrasound and trans-illumination using the “Veinlight” allows us to accurately target and eliminate these “feeder” veins dramatically enhancing the chances of successful eradication of the surface veins.


  • University of Melbourne