Venaseal™ (Medical Superglue for Veins)

Venaseal (Glue)

Venaseal (Vein Glue) is one of the most simple and effective methods of treating varicose veins. Under ultrasound guidance, a tiny catheter is entered through the skin and into the diseased area of the vein. Then, a small amount of medical glue is dispensed to close the vein. Blood is then routed through other veins in the leg.

The active adhesive ingredient is cyanoacrylate— the same thing used in other areas of medicine (e.g. wound closure, brain AVM closure etc.) without ill effect for more than 50 years. Special formulation for use in veins has perfected the properties so the medical super glue stays exactly where it is placed in the abnormal vein without entering the general circulation.

There are many advantages in terms of patient comfort and recovery as well as some disadvantages (outlined below).

You need not travel to Melbourne to get this latest treatment, as the “Vein Clinic” is the first clinic in Western Australia to offer this amazing new treatment.

* Inclusion criteria include

  • No prior sclerotherapy or surgery in “target” vein
  • Suitable “target “ vein determined by ultrasound (in house)
  • Demonstrated understanding of this and other options


Advantages of Glue

  • Fastest method of vein closure
  • Less pain/bruising than laser/surgery
  • No tumescent anaesthesia
  • Instant vein closure
  • Rapid return to normal activities
  • Similar short term results to laser
  • 2 legs can be treated in the same session


Disadvantages of Glue

  • Long term follow up lacking
  • No Medicare/health fund rebate
  • Most expensive treatment method
  • Not suitable for all veins
  • Additional treatment to branch vessels may be required.
  • High rate of phlebitis (20%), usually easily managed with stockings and anti-inflammatories


For more information about how Venaseal treatment works, watch the video below.


Amazing results using The latest breakthrough treatment

The vein clinic is at the forefront of vein treatments in WA and has the greatest experience of multiple vessel and combined Venaseal (glue) treatments. These amazing results were achieved with two new techniques we have pioneered. Firstly Venaseal adhesive (medical super glue)

and secondly Ultrasound Guided Phlebectomy.

This 59yr man presented with large symptomatic varicose veins.

He had 20 yrs of discomfort and heaviness in his legs particularly towards end of day, night cramps and itchiness.

In view of his occupation as a cabinet maker and desire to have as little time off work and as fast a recovery as possible, a tailored two stage “walk in- walk out” treatment approach was employed.

The first stage utilised the latest virtually painless endovenous technology of Venaseal medical adhesive (as recently featured on TV) for closure of the main malfunctioning veins through a single needle puncture on each leg. Treatment of both legs was completed in under 1.5hrs.

The second stage utilised combined sclerotherapy and ultrasound guided phlebectomy of the branch vessels under local anaesthetic. The use of ultrasound allows us to identify and remove residual vein fragments that may be left behind using traditional surgical techniques.

These combined techniques allowed him to have the best of both non-surgical and surgical methods greatly reducing the need for further follow up treatments.

Symptomatic and cosmetic improvement was immediate and cosmetic improvement will continue as minor bruising settles.

A follow up is scheduled for 3 months time to ensure that these excellent results are maintained.

Pre - large veins prior to treatment

Post - 6 days following completed treatment.


  • University of Melbourne