Improve the appearance and feel of your legs

Venous dysfunction and reflux often leads to dilated tortuous superficial veins that protrude forming “lumps and bumps”.

This can lead to physical and social discomfort as these bulging surface veins may at times become quite unsightly and also ache and itch.

Fortunately the diagnosis of venous dysfunction is a non-invasive process that can be painlessly undertaken by our experts at The Vein Clinic using high-resolution ultrasound equipment. Once we understand the nature of any venous dysfunction present we can advise you of the most advanced and effective treatments available with an emphasis on non surgical endovenous therapies that are associated with minimal discomfort and downtime and maximal success rates.

Once the abnormal veins are removed not only will your legs look better, they will feel better. There is even some evidence that removal of abnormal veins can improve the efficiency of the circulation and athletic performance.


  • University of Melbourne