Gentle effective treatment of veins following pregnancy

Many women will fell dissatisfied with their bodies following pregnancy. Even the most “yummy mummies” who are able to return to pre-pregnancy weight shortly following delivery may be distressed by the appearance of their veins.

Whilst a “baby bulge” may respond to sensible diet and regular exercise, abnormal veins are unlikely to resolve by themselves if they have not done so after 3mths post delivery.

The staff at the Vein Clinic understand that women with a young toddler cannot afford to be “out of action” recovering from a surgical vein stripping. It was for this reason that surgeons have traditionally advised women “wait till you have had all your children” before having treatment.

Fortunately this “old school” algorithm is now completely out-dated. The ideal time to have your veins treated is before or between pregnancies (ideally once you have finished breast feeding). This will prevent things from deteriorating further with the next pregnancy and greatly improve your comfort (not to mention appearance) with subsequent pregnancies.

With the minimally invasive endovenous treatments available at The Vein Clinic you can have your treatments performed in a comfortable non hospital environment in as little as 1hr and walk out ready to immediately resume your normal activities with virtually no downtime and minimal discomfort.

  • University of Melbourne