Aches, pains and itches

The above symptoms are often present in patients suffering from venous dysfunction or reflux and may indicate inflammation related to venous reflux.

Once the valves in the leg veins malfunction, the venous return of blood to the heart is impaired. The stagnating blood may induce inflammation in surrounding tissues leading to aches, pain and itching.

This inflammation may lead to a condition know as “venous eczema” often patients may be misdiagnosed as suffering from a skin complaint and the underlying venous disease is not recognised. Patients may be prescribed topical steroid creams which can initially settle symptoms but in the long term can lead to fragility of the skin and increase the chances of subsequent ulceration. With continuous use patients may also experience contact dermatitis from the steroid cream itself!

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is essential that you have a thorough clinical and ultrasound assessment of your veins to make sure they are functioning properly. Untreated venous malfunction can lead to skin discoloration and eventual ulceration.

Fortunately the diagnosis of venous dysfunction is a non-invasive process that can be painlessly undertaken by our experts at The Vein Clinic using high-resolution ultrasound equipment. Once we understand the nature of any venous dysfunction present we can advise you of the most advanced and effective treatments available with an emphasis on non surgical endovenous therapies that are associated with minimal discomfort and downtime and maximal success rates.


  • University of Melbourne